The Antoniusstraße, is one of the oldest streets in Aachen. In 1905, while laying the foundations for the >>Germania Fischhallen<<, various pieces of pottery and wall remains were found from Roman and mediaeval times

In the Middle Ages and recent modern times, the official name of the street was Hurengasse. This was changed to the present name by the City Council in 1872, named after Anthony of Padua, who is a patron saint for the poor and for prostitutes. The >>Germania Fischhallen<< mentioned above is prominent at the eastern end of the street but is now a restaurant.

In recent times, there have been attempts to shut down the red-light aspects of the street, due to its closeness to the town center, or else to restrict it to one end of the street, etc. etc.

Antoniusstraße, Aachen Antoniusstraße, Aachen

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