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Czech Republic

Border areas with Deutschland benefit from cross-border traffic but the trade appears to be dominated (at least in certain areas) by mafia-type elements, e.g. Zelezna Ruda

 • This is a newspaper report of a nasty incident which also describes the situation in these areas



Carrer de Sant Ramon / Carrer del Marqués de Barberà

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La Jonquera

Town on the French border, see here for more details.



New Zealand

Auckland - Karangahape Road

Christchurch - Manchester Street

Wellington - Vivian Street

 • Silver Rose, the impact of the Prostitution Reform Act on the health and safety practices of sex workers


 • Tochka G, museum and sex shop

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In the early 2000s, things appeared to be more relaxed than presently. In Moscow, women used to gather outside the Leningrad Station on Komsomonolskaya Ploschad without any seeming harassment from the authorities.


 • Dr BJ, Bangkok


Although in general prostitution is legal in Nevada it is still illegal in Las Vegas and Reno. Recently, the mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman - a lawyer known for representing various shady figures, has been pushing for its legalization within the city.

Since 1971, brothels have been legally allowed in counties with a population of less than 400,000, if a county decides to allow them - and in some they now constitute a significant source of revenue for the local government coffers. However, in addition to Clark and Washoes counties which include, respectively, the two cities just named, brothels are also not allowed in the following areas - Carson City, Douglas County, and Lincoln County. (Eureka County neither permits nor prohibits licensed brothels and does not have any).

In a sense, legalization just involved an 'upgrade' from the quasi-legal, tolerated institutions that operated previously. Prostitution was once tolerated in Las Vegas also but seems to have been 'forced out' during the Second World War by the 'authorities' because of a military base in the area.

All told, at the time of writing there are 27 legal brothels in Nevada, all of which seemed to be referred to as 'ranches'. Nye County, close to las Vegas, has 7.

Nevertheless, there are estimates that 90% of prostitution in Nevada is still carried on illegally in Las Vegas.

List of Brothels in Nevada

Bunny Ranch

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