Red Light Districts of Deutschland (Red Light Districts of Germany)


Berlin is the only city in Deutschland with no Sperrbezirke, i.e. no areas where prostitution is banned. Although in recent years the trade appears to have become extinct in all areas apart from the Kurfürstenstraße area (including Bulowstraße but not Potsdamer Straße) and Tiergarten &Suuml;d

The Kurfürstenstraße is constantly in the news because of cgeneral concerns about the growth of the trade there (not least from residents from the newly built upmarket apartment blocks). Various ides are always being touted : Verrichtungsboxen, making the area a Sperrbezirk during daytime.

A shop on the corner of Kurfüstenstraße and Potsdamer Straße (LSD) has increased the 'erotic' aspect of the area. In 2008, plans for a Laufhaus in this area was rejected by the Stadtsrat. But in 2019, both the building which houses LSD and the Woolworth's building on the opposite corner were sold to a property development company, obviously implying that both buildings will eventually be demolished.

This area has been die Schmuddelecke (area for all that is taboo) des alten Westens for about 130 years.

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 • Luxuswohnungen am Straßenstrich Kurfürstenstraße

In the recent past, the trade was more widely spread and existed on the Kurfüstendamm, Lietzenberger Straße, Potsdamer Straße, Oranienburger Straße, 17. Juni am S-Bahnhof Tiergarten, Alt-Biesdorf, Kynaststraße am Ostkreuz, Savignyplatz. These are all assumed to be extinct.

The nearest thing that Berlin has to a Laufhaus is the Freudenhaus Hase in Wedding.

 • Felicitas Schirow was the well-known owner of the brothel Cafe Pssst!, which ceased trading in 2015. This link goes to an earlier article. And this article gives information on the closing-down.

 • Artemis, Berlin's largest brothel in Halensee (Charlottenburg), which was subjected to a major police raid in April 2016

Sex Cinemas

Sex cinemas which offer more than just the chance to view films were, and still are, a speciality of Berlin.

"Sexy Modelle zeigen Dir nicht nur deinen Platz, sondern bieten darüber hinaus auch mehr. In einem Berliner Sexkino kannst du nicht nur Erotik-, Sex- und Pornofilme aller Art sehen, sondern dich von den Platzanweiserinnen verwöhnen lassen. Oder du machst im Kino eine nette Bekanntschaft und vergnügt dich mit privaten Spielen". (Sexy models do not only show you to your seat but also offer more. In a Berlin sex cinema, not only can you watch a film but you can also let yourself be spoilt by the usherette. Or you could strike up an acquainance in the cinema and engage in your own private games)

In einigen Sexkinos bieten auch Einige Sex zu günstigen Preisen an, andere Pornokinos lassen sie auch Paare rein. Einige Pornokinos haben Hinterzimmer, wo es nach dem Film so richtig abgeht, bei anderen gibt es die klassischen Filmkabinen. (In a few sex cinemas sex is also offered at reasonable prices, others let couples in. A few have back rooms for use after the film, others have classical film cabins.)

 • Moni's Kino (Cinema), long-established institution

 • Erotica Berlin, close to Alex


 • Further information


Eroscenter Haus Hamburg , Hamburger Straße 31. Further information here


Laufhaus Erfurt, Am Stollberg 50


Eroscenter Halle, Delitzscher Str. 80

X-Carree, corner of Delitzscher Straße 15/Am Güterbahnhof 1 - 3

 • Photographs of the above


Angels Sexworld, Dessauer Straße 24

Eros Center, Leipzig (Wasserturm) The Haus am Wasserturm on Torgauer Straße was a former Laufhaus which has been re-opened nominally as the FKK Leipzig, but a separate Laufhaus still exists, for which entry is free (the FKK club requires an admission charge of about € 55). Further details here

How to get there : Get a tram from the Central Station. The house is on the right-hand side of Torgauer Straße and you can't miss it.

 • Report on the closure of the original Haus am Wasserturm in 2012

Street prostitution is illegal in Leipzig so be warned.

 • Report on the situation in Leipzig shortly after 1990


Rostock Eros Center

Eros Center, Am Bahnhof Bramow 10 - about halfway between Rostock center and Warnemunde.

 • Some information on the opening of the Eros Center and the crime-ridden situation before it was opened, can be viewed here