The Hasengasse, to the east of the center. The Roter Hahn, a drinking place at the entrance to Hasengasse, apparently has a discreet back door. Photo here.


Laufhaus Baden, Balzenbergstraße 43


Eroscenter C33, Calwer Straße 33.

Erospark, Böblingen

Erospark, Max-Eyth-Straße 10 - 12, 71065 Sindelfingen

Club Haus Mahdental 121, Mahdentalstraße 121, 71229 Leonberg


The long-standing Bodensee Bordell, Flugplatzstraße 9 closed in 2015 because of a dispute with the owner of the building. However the Venus Saunaclub is just behind it at number 13. There is also the Rotes Haus, Aistegstrasse 31 and Club 64, Charlottenstraße 64.


Eroscenter Heidelberg, Güteramtsstraße 11

Unsure about the current satus of the following :

Eroscenter, Eppelheimer Str. 34

Erosocenter 13, Güteramtsstraße 11

Exclusiv Studio Heidelberg, Am Rohrbach


Eroscenter Heilbronn, Hafenstraße 7


Brunnenstraße, Karlsruhe

Brunnenstraße, between Kaiserstraße and Zähringerstraße

Eros Center, Brunnenstraße 13/15


House 24, Byk-Gulden-Straße 24


Lupinenstraße, Mannheim

Lupinenstraße, the most westerly side street of the Mittelstraße, north of the River Neckar.

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In 1982, certain red-light districts were shut down by the local authorities for development. A well known song by Spider Murphy Gang called Skandal in Sperrbezirk was inspired by these events. The telephone number 32168 which is claimed in the song to be used by a sex worker called Rosi turned out to be a real number used by an innocent resident of the city. The band paid for the allocation of a new number to the said resident.

There are several well-known Laufhäuser

Caesars World, Stahlgruberring 23

Leierkasten, Ingolstädter Str. 38

Vitalia, Helene-Wessel-Bogen 16

Herz As, Triebstraße 11a,

Joint site for 9, Hansastraße 9; BB22, Baierbrunnerstrasse 22; No24, Meglinger Str. 24



Landsberger Str.: near main railway station, girls in cars with rooms nearby (allegedly)


Frauentormauer between Färbertor and Spittlertor. The Frauentormauer is the name borne by the southern part of the old city walls. The red-light district lies within the wall.

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The original city walls were 5 kilometers long, of which about 4 kilometers are still standing. They were completed in 1400 as a long, crooked parallelogram with four gate-towers at its corners. In 1556–64, these gate towers were given their present-day form: the Laufertorturm ( north-east), the Frauentorturm ( south-east), the Spittlertorturm (south-west) and the Neutorturm (north-west).

Other towers were added later. The section between Königstor und Spittlertor is called Frauentormauer, which gives its name to the street inside of the wall - the main road on the other side of the wall is called Frauentorgraben.

The Färbertor was erected in 1848, but the gate was demolished in 1891, leaving a tower called the 'Rotes H'. Today the name only indicates a gap in the wall at the bottom of Färberstraße.

Red light activities in this area can be documented back to 1381. It was well eastablished in the 19th century in establishments often referred to as 'Weinhandlungen' (wine merchants).

In 1893, the Jakobstor was built adjacent to the "Rotes L" and two further entrances for pedestrians were added in 1913.


Laufhaus Passau, Villa Medici, Haitzingerstraße 20


(Eros-Center Crazy Sexy. Leave motorway A8 in Pforzheim-West, 500 m towards Pforzheim at first traffic lights turn left, on right hand side). uncertain about the current state of this information.


Eroscenter Regensburg


Erosarena Reutlingen, Albstraße 74

Erospark (Jaguar) Reutlingen, Carl-Zeiss-Straße 23/1


Erospark Sindelingen, Max-Eyth-Straße 10


The 3 Farben Haus, Bebenhäuser Hof 2-6. A walk-through brothel close the main pedestrian area in the city center. Coming from the main railway station look in the small streets on the left hand side near department store Hertie. Alternatively, from the Marktplatz follow the Hirschstraße with the Rathaus on your left - Bebenhäuser Hof is then on your right.

Laufhaus in the vicinity of the airport

City Eroscenter, Leonhardstr. 7

In a famous case of December 2014, the owner of a well-known brothel called 'Paradise' was arrested on suspicion of trafficking and fraud.


Erosvilla, Kupferhammer 23A, close to the Westbahnhof


Two addresses, covered by the same website

Eros-Center Blaubeurerstraße 64/1

Zeppelinstraße 26

Hotel Alter Herzog, Zinglerstraße, corner of Schillerstraße.


Haus d'amour, Randersackerer Str. 64