Red Light Districts of Deutschland (Red Light Districts of Germany)


Bruchstraße, Braunschweig

Bruchstraße, which runs between Wallstraße and Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße. Two iron gates stand at either side of the street. The one from Wallstraße stands open mostly, while the other from Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße allows a permanent narrow entrance.

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Helenenstraße (off Vor dem Steintor), in the area known as "Das Viertel", which encompasses parts of the districts of Ostertor and Steintor.

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Lessingstraße, Bremerhaven


Oluf-Samsons-Gang, off Schifbrücke which goes along the harbor (this has come to an end, I think - although several scattered establishments exist in the general neighborhood of the Schifbrücke). The town was the headquarters of the Beate Uhse company until it moved to Hamburg in 2015.


Haus Eros, Güterbahnhofstraße (laufhaus)


St Pauli and its Reeperbahn is obviously renowned. It is also more of a 'tourist' and general entertainment area than most red-light districts.

The police presence is very visible with the Davidwache station on the Reeperbahn itself. Legally every officially sanctioned working girl is required to submit to a medical examination every 2 weeks.

Herbertstraße, Hamburg On the sectioned-off Herbertstraße, prostitution (behind windows) is allowed around the clock.

In the streets around Herbertstraße (Gunterstraße, Erichstraße, Friedrichstraße, Davidstraße, and Gerhardstraße), women are only allowed to be on the streets from 20:00 onwards. There are no street girls on the Reeperbahn itself. Although there are two brothels there -

 • Paradise on the corner of the Reeperbahn and Große Freiheit

 • Pink Palace (Sex House), opposite the Davidwache (police station)

also :  • Video on the Pink Palace (Sex House)

Grosse Freiheit, Dolls House The Große Freiheit (literally "Great Freedom") is a side street with several bars and club. In former years, several sex theatres here (Salambo, Regina, Colibri, Safari) would show live sex acts on stage. Latterly, the Safari was the only live sex theatre left in Germany but that has now closed - details here. A table dance club, Dollhouse, has taken over the premises of Salambo (and the Safari).

The district also contains the Erotic Art Museum, Bernhard 69. Open daily 1000 to midnight.

 • Further Information on the Area, and History of the Reeperbahn

How to Get There : U-Bahn: St. Pauli; S-Bahn: Reeperbahn; (it is however within walking distance from Hamburg City Center, if you are in the mood)

Another district exists on the other side of the City Center adjacent to the Hauptbahnhof, namely St. Georg, centered on the Hansa Platz. This is a more 'traditional' district operating all times of the day, but with the 'quality range' being more widespread.

 • Here you can find a few photographs of the St Georg area

 • Straße soll nach Ex-Prostituierter Domenica Niehoff benannt werden - Road to be named after ex-prostitute

Just ouside Hamburg, in Pinnenberg

 • Mosque versus Brothel in Pinnenberg


Schlachthofstraße. 29. walk through brothel (not too sure whether it still exists)


There are two areas

in the center (underground station Steintor)


Sex World, Reitwallstraße 4
Eros Corner, Reitwallstraße 5B
Reitwall 6, Reitwallstraße 6

and on the parallel Scholvinstraße

Eros Center, Scholvinstraße 2
Bangkok Hannover, Scholvinstraße 7
Eros 10, Scholvinstraße 10

slightly further afield - Braun 8, Braunstraße 8


From the main railway station, take rear exit, turn left keeping the bus station on your left - Ludwigstraße is further along on the left


Eroscenter Kiel, Wall 50


Clemensstraße, now defunct.


Hinter der Sülzmauer


Eros-Center-Oldenburg, An der Braker Bahn 6

Goldener Anker, Stau 47


Das Rote Haus, Eisenbahnstraße 18, opposite the main railway station

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