The 'Bahnhofsviertel', east of the Central Railway Station - concentrated on the Taunusstraße and its side streets of Moselstraße, Elbestraße and Weserstraße. Exit from the main entrance of the railway station.

For example,

Crazy Sexy Eros-Center at Elbestraße 49-53.

Rotes Haus at Taunusstraße 34.

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Sexworld Kaiserslautern, Hafenstraße 7


Eroscenter Kassel, Wolfhager Straße 53


Koblenz introduced a new order in 2015 introducing a Sperrgebiet for the entire city, However sex work is allowed between 2200 - 0400 on Andernacher Straße and August-Horch-Straße. These were the previous red-light areas but previously there was no time restriction

Up until 2015, on Otto-Schönhagen-Straße (behind Bauhaus), there were more than 30 caravans. These moved to Schönbornsluster, and we believe they now due to move to Zaunheimer Straße

Bordell Oasis, Kesselheimer Weg 38 (directly on the B9)

Ti Amo Club, Kesselheimer Weg 38b (directly on the B9)

Haus Armor


Crazy Sexy Eros Center, Bahnhofstraße 17

How to get there : Leave the railway station via the main entrance and Bahnhofstraße is on your right. 50 meters further on you will come to a 6-storey building.


Lupinenstraße, Mannheim

Lupinenstraße, the most westerly side street of the Mittelstraße, north of the River Neckar.

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Arabella, Brebacher Landstraße 6 - 8

Eroscenter Saarbrücken , Kaiserstraße 50

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 • FKK 214, video from French television on this brothel


Eros-Center Luxemburger Straße 61, between Roemer- and Konrad-Adenauer-Brücke


Crazy Sexy Eros Center, Mainzer Straße 129, near autobahn


Hühnerhaus, Sommerdamm 30